Got bitcoin? Bold is the credit card for you.

Spend on a line of credit collateralized by your bitcoin, up to 35% of the bitcoin’s value. Use Bold everywhere cards are accepted.

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The solution

Spend against your bitcoin. Maximize your holdings.

Spend against your bitcoin anywhere credit cards are accepted. Grow your stack by spending dollars from your Bold card’s line of credit backed by your bitcoin.

GROW YOUr stack

Earn bitcoin rewards on spending.

Earn satoshis when you spend on your Bold card. Spend fiat, stack Sats. Join the waitlist to get updates on rewards and deals from your favorite sellers and bitcoin brands.

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Why bold

How does Bold compare to traditional credit cards and bitcoin loans?

Bold offers freedom and flexibility that lump-sum bitcoin loans can’t.  And compared to traditional credit cards, Bold gives you better rates and more generous terms. As bitcoiners, we built Bold to be the credit card we wanted to use. Read more here.

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Bitcoin loans
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Spend as you go - no need to plan
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Pay interest only on spending
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Instant approval - spend immediately
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Traditional credit cards
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Higher limits - Unlock your bitcoin’s value
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Low rates
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Better terms
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Security is our priority.

Bold uses bitcoin-native multisignature addresses to store your collateral. Keys are distributed across licensed financial institutions to provide an additional layer of security.

Let us handle key management in the Custodial option, or use your hardware wallet to participate in the multi-sig in the Collaborative option.
The choice is yours. Either way, you get the advantages of the industry’s highest standard for keeping your collateral safe.


Easy. No hardware wallet needed.

Bold’s multi-institution 2-of-3 bitcoin-native multisignature storage provides security and convenience. Bold holds two keys, each in a different city. Bold’s Key Agent (a different financial institution) holds the third key.


You hold one key of three.

Use your favorite hardware wallet to hold one key in a geographically distributed multi-institution 2-of-3 bitcoin-native multisignature address. In the unlikely event that something happens to either Bold or its Key Agent, you can work with the other to recover your funds.

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Multisignature security

Bold secures your collateral using the highest possible form of bitcoin security.

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See your coins on the blockchain

Don’t trust, verify. You can always check on-chain that your collateral is right where you sent it.

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No rehypothecation

Bold does not lend out your collateral to ‘earn yield.’ Instead, your coins sit in cold storage. Simple as that.

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Long term thinking

We’re building Bold to be a 100+ year financial institution for the bitcoin age. Prudence is our core value.

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How it works

Spend against your bitcoin in a few clicks.

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    Deposit bitcoin
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    Get your card in minutes
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    Spend up to 35% of your bitcoin’s value everywhere cards are accepted

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“Don't sleep on @BoldBitcoin.”
– Mike Jarmuz @MikeJarmuz
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“Many people have been waiting for something like this for a long time 👀 “
– BlockTrainer
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“While vendors have piled in the #bitcoin card industry over the past couple of years, this company is choosing to encourage users to HODL their unique sound money instead.”
– Namcios
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“’re not spending your bitcoin, you’re just using it as collateral, so you never have to sell your bitcoin.”
– Max Keiser
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